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Counselling Services

In-Person Counselling

I offer a warm and comfortable environment for you to care for your grief.  What you can expect in your first appointment of 1.25 hours. First, we review your understanding of my policies, processes, fees and clarify any questions you may have.

The main portion of the session I learn about the concerns that bring you to me, we discuss and set goal(s) to care for aspects of your grief that are currently problematic, I suggest possible treatment options as to how to ease/improve your grief. This is based on the information you have shared with me. The final 15 mins is review of your experience, review and agreement on a treatment plan, arrange home-practice activities-discuss next session structure, schedule your next appt and conclude with payment.

Subsequent sessions are 60 mins in length. Review home-practice activities, any new issues wishing to be addressed, check on progress to preferred goal or outcome, review session set home-practice and self-care activities and conclude with payment.

Online Counselling

Online service is offered to Adult Albertans 18 years of age and older.  Sessions are same as In-person for first session and subsequent session length. Please note rate for first session is higher than subsequent sessions due to the extended length (see Fees page for current rates)


Support/Therapy Group  Onsite and Online (coming soon)

I offer a 6 week ‘Mindful Ways to Care for Your Grief’ Class.  This is a non-traditional support group where not a lot of talking will occur.  This group is an experiential way to offer grief care by connecting our mind and body through a variety of mindfulness and meditative practices.

Onsite classes restricted due to Covid-19 however Online class is being developed. if you are interested in online please send an email with your interest to attend. I will be in touch within 2 business days.

Mindful Ways to Care for Your Grief (Therapeutic)

This unique 6 week class offers a variety of trauma- sensitive mindfulness and meditation practices including meditation, music, writing, guided imagery, yoga and more. This class is designed with your unique grief experience in mind and to help ease the difficulties that grief is having on your life.  This program is Not a traditional talk therapy only support group. This class offers you choice and variety of activities in how to care for your grief. The location is at the Healthy Directions meeting space (Due to Covid, in person class is on hold). You can register for an online class coming soon Fall of 2021.

Please bring your own mat and blanket for comfort. Chairs are available. Maximum 6 participants  Appropriate for age 18 and older.  Instructor: Elizabeth Hides MSW, RSW, CT, CMMT a Registered Social Worker and Certified Thanatologist and Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher.

Cost: $169.00 (6 weeks)

Class Time: 10:30am to 12:15pm(1.75 hr)

Class Dates: 2021 Dates announced soon

Registration Close: 5 business days before class start date

Location: Healthy Directions (#226b 259 Midpark Way SE) and Online

About Us

Vision:  to see people live well in all areas of their lives no matter what kind of challenges they experience.

Mission:  to assist individuals, couples, and families, in identifying problem areas after a death, loss, or life change, and to provide a variety of strategies to help them achieve their preferred outcome.