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Reclaim Your Resilience After Loss

Grief and Loss Services with a Spiritual Twist

Death, loss, and transitions happen to all beings throughout their life time however; every individual experiences grief uniquely.

Also every individual has their own preferred way to grieve.  There are no one size fits all approach to grief care.

So, I offer a blend of traditional counselling and non-traditional approaches to grief and loss care to help alleviate your suffering and help you find your resilience and true north so that you can navigate, grow and live well after loss.

Experiencing any of the following?


  • Death of a family member/friend or co-worker
  • Divorce/separation
  • Sudden job loss
  • Death of a pet
  • Diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness
  • Adjustment to having a new baby
  • Moving to/from a new city or to/from another country
  • Improving relationships
  • Stress in life and/or workplace
  • Managing anxiety or depression diagnosed by your doctor

Counselling Services

Grief Counselling is helpful for any of the following: a recent loss or death; having difficulty coping with usual daily tasks; experiencing heightened anxiety or depression; experienced a traumatic death such as suicide, homicide, or sudden death; have a diagnosis of PTSD with loss; a loss in your childhood that seems to affect life today. Click below for a consultation.

My counselling services offer: In-person and/or Online sessions to Alberta residents.

My Therapy Groups/Classes offer: In-Person and Online participation to Alberta residents


Coaching & Services

Grief and Spiritual Coaching Services are for people after a death or loss who are functioning well and feel motivated for a welcomed change. They are further removed in time from their loss. They are ready for a next step beyond counselling/therapy.  This next step will help them rebuild from loss;  Their grief may be keeping them stuck from living a joyful and content life. They are ready to look at loss as  gains and improve their overall well-being.


About Us

Vision:  to see people live well in all areas of their lives no matter what kind of challenges they experience.

Mission:  to assist individuals, couples, and families, in identifying problem areas after a death, loss, or life change, and to provide a variety of strategies to help them achieve their preferred outcome.