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Navigating Grief and Finding Your Resilience After Loss

Grief and Loss Services with a Holistic and Spiritual Twist

Every one of us is affected by death, loss and change, at some time in our life.

All beings plants, animals and humans are interconnected yet we each seem have a unique experience with grief.

Hello! I am Elizabeth, a holistic grief specialist, counsellor and coach.  I can not magically make your pain disappear, however I can help you care for the pain with tenderness and compassion.

I will help you to connect with your mind, body and spirit while together, we co- create a resilient life you would love to have while deeply honoring and navigating your loss.

Experiencing any of the following?


  • Death of a family member/friend or co-worker
  • Divorce/separation
  • Sudden job loss
  • Death of a pet
  • Diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness
  • Adjustment to having a new baby
  • Moving to/from a new city or to/from another country
  • Miscarriage/IVF loss
  • Changes in your life
  • Struggling with anxiety or depression

Counselling Services

My counselling services are available to anyone who has experienced a loss, change, death or transition. My expertise cares for traumatic sudden loss experiences such as suicide, homicide, accidental death or brief illness. You may be experiencing any of the following challenges; difficulty coping with daily tasks such as parenting, work, household tasks; increased anxiety or panic; depressed mood; fear thoughts about the future; avoidance of usual social activities; lack motivation; sleep disturbance; new feelings of shame, guilt, or anger.

I care for your grief with an holistic approach. I acknowledge the mind, body, spirit, environment connection.  I blend talk therapy, CBT with mindfulness and meditation concepts and practices, clinical hypnosis and energy work of Psychotherapeutic REIKI and my new service walk and talk in nature.

My counselling services support individuals, couples and families and are available in-person or virtually to Alberta residents.

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Spiritual Coaching, Meditation and Classes

Spiritual Coaching for grief is recommended if you feel like your grief is in the rearview mirror, meaning that you feel you are coping very well with life in general;  perhaps it has been years since your loss and you're not sure how to rebuild your life.

Perhaps the loss you've experienced has opened the door for a deeper exploration of your spiritual beliefs, the meaning and purpose of your life, your values and priorities may be changing and you are ready to create a life that's filled with joy and contentment, despite a significant loss.  This is NOT therapy.

My coaching services have individual and group programs both in-person and virtually to Alberta and Canadian Residents

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About Me

Vision:  to see people live well in all areas of their lives no matter what kind of challenges they experience.

Mission:  to assist individuals, couples, and families, in identifying problem areas after a death, loss, or life change, and to provide a variety of strategies to help them achieve their preferred outcome.